Our Story

We provide your business with an instant presence in the MENA
region, professional representation and expert strategic support
and advice – approaching potential clients on your behalf to win
orders and contracts for you.


Mafateeh Group


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Our Mission

  • We work everyday with a untied mindset to products results and make a difference in our client’s business.
  • We believe in using calculate strategic methodologies in every work we do for maximum impact.
  • We believe in doing work consistently based on an establishing strategic steps.

The Mission That We Are On

We believe that everyone who comes into contact with your brand is your consumer.
That’s why we take an encompassing approach. We research and strategize as we wolf
closely with our clients, to understand their business and discover what is important
to your audience. We craft creative solutions for a broad range of client needs.
We form connections that promote positive return on your marketing investment.

Uncompromising quality for stills and movies

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