Digital Marketing

​Why Digital Marketing is like to play Chess? 

Chess is a strategy game if you think about it, digital marketing is too. The purpose of the chess game is to capture the opposing king. The so-called “Checkmate”. 

Similarly, the purpose of marketing — and digital marketing then — is to stock up on leads and win the customer’s heart. In the world of online marketing, you will meet many kinds of players. Just like in the world of chess.

6 simple reasons why working in Digital Marketing is like playing chess. Check out and let us know if you agree! 

1. You are forced to know the pieces of the chessboard 

Like any game you decide to play, to start taking your first steps you need to know (well) the movements of the pieces on the battlefield.  

Chess pieces are our strengths (the only ones possible) to win the game. So customer data and digital marketing tools are our strengths in marketing. So you have to make good use of the resources you can use if you want to achieve great results. 

2. You have to study the opponent 

In a chess game it is useless to move the pieces simply in response to the opponent’s moves. because, Your rival is studying your behavior and is adopting a strategy to achieve success before you. 

In order for your online marketing goals to be successful, you cannot miss to study your competitors. No way!  

Take time to stay up to date on what your opponents are doing.  

3. You need a strategy to checkmate 

Another similitude between chess and digital marketing is that you can’t get to checkmate in one move. you always have to plan your “attacks” and guide your goal from a command position  

Sometimes you will be forced to sacrifice some pawns  

Use the data you hold about your users. Hear what they have to say about your product. 

Analyze the metrics that you can collect on engagement and sentiment towards your brand. 

4. You have limited time and you must make the most of it 

Do you know that in professional tournaments, the game of chess is played taking time? A very strange clock with two dials is used to counts how much it takes the player to make a move.  

New business growth and enhancement techniques are born almost every day. And you can’t afford to waste too much time. 

There are growth hackers out there who plan to place a Start Up overnight. Is there a remedy for all this anxiety? Yes! And it’s called Marketing Automation. 

Maybe not even imagine how much time you can save by setting up a simple marketing automation strategy that does for you what you would do in weeks of work. 

5. You have to think carefully which piece to use for your next move 

The best chess player as well as the best web marketer they see everything they do as a single fluid and natural thought. 

They adapt and improve as they play their game. Their mantra is to trigger reactions on users, calculate return and study the right methodology to maximize the investment I know every single customer. 

Experience is the best way to learn the art of adaptation midway.  

6. Winning a game does not mean achieving success 

Just as the skill of a chess player is not acquired in one game, the experience of a digital marketing specialist is consolidated over the years. 

That is, you need time to keep up with industry news and updates, on the other hand experiment and put into practice what you learn day after day. 

Remember, both in chess and digital marketing, if you stop learning, you quickly find yourself behind syour competitors. 

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